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Oral Health : Let’s see your smile


images (1)In customizing the appropriate teeth structure to each specific individual, the dentist performs a smile analysis that uses facial measurement variables relating teeth to the face replacing the traditional dental exam that regulates underlying structures. There is something that we call a “trial smile.” A provisional teeth given to the patients are worn for up to two weeks of time, creating a view and evaluate the final result before the changes occur. This process is one of those rare instances in medicine or surgery in foreseeing such results.

The dentist, together with the patient, chooses a wide range of available colors and shapes in preparation its provisional stage. This interaction is important because it keeps the dentist and patient intact with both feedback and information before a decision is made to follow up upon the final restorations that a technician will exactly replicate in the porcelain veneers.

While the preparation is still going on, most of the tooth are getting readied too. The veneer acts like “contact lens”, transmitting the tooth’s original color and then with the technician’s porcelain. Since most of the tooth remains after preparation, the veneer will act like a “contact lens” and transmit the original color of the tooth, and then be enhanced with the colors the technician baked into the porcelain. Viola, you got your smile ready to go.

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